to sum up…

the Dandy Lions totally won that knife fight.  we ambushed the belles starrs on the trail, stole their mike’s harder lemonade and then escorted them off to the bar ss where beer and whiskey were consumed and ring toss games were dominated (by Dandy Lions). 

There was also a bunch of balloon animals made by some really awesome  balloon artist and we saw a band called slinky or slink (or something), they were proficient and played some pretty OK tom petty covers (if you are into that kind of thing). 

i wish a few pictures would have been snapped but most Dandy Lions perfer to not be caught doing anything on the far side of a lens.  there may have also been some Dandy Lions grafiti thrown down on belle starr property, but that is what happens when you mess with a well dressed lion.

bye for now


About thelionsvest

we are dudes that ride bikes and wear vests (and maybe have a few beers). our rival gang is the Belle Starrs (they are girls and they smell weird).
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